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  • Indefinite Longevity (or the Dilemma of Vampires)?
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Yet there is a vibrant midnight movie scene today, which revolves around 80's fare that audiences tend to see as camp or nostalgia. These are films you wouldn't normally think of as cult.

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  6. Valen said, "and the John Hughes movies have a gee-whiz optimism that seems ironic. But John Vanco, head programmer and general manager of the IFC Center, is taking a more ambitious, thematic route with his midnight programming. Vanco is also looking into what he called "New York junkie vampire movies," like Michael Almereyda's "Nadja" , splatter movies from almost any decade, and Asian genre pictures from directors like Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Takashi Miike. Noting that Mr.

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    Tarantino and Richard Rodriguez recently announced a joint horror project called "Grindhouse," Mr. Those who study culture -- or think about public policy in relation to it -- often wrestle with the classic post hoc dilemma: did a work or movement in popular culture influence events in real life, or did it simply reflect the zeitgeist? Were, say, 'video nasties' responsible for an uptick in violence and sadism in a generation of British youth?

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    The Daily Mail seemed to think so, although today their hysterical headlines appear faintly ridiculous. Were the two broken boys who committed the Columbine shootings in Colorado shaped by The Matrix? Spike Lee poses the question for us in this summer's BlacKkKlansman , in which a black activist played by Harry Belafonte recounts a Waco, Texas lynching purportedly influenced by frequent theatre showings of 's loathsome The Birth of a Nation. And while, on the one hand, we could argue that Birth of a Nation itself is a product of a time when black men were regularly lynched by white men desperate to hold on to their power, it also seems true that the film's emotional power may have been a contributing factor in the very real public torture and killing of young Jesse Washington.

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    Generally it is the loudest voices seeking the easiest answers who advocate a close post hoc causality between culture and cultural events, but when the compulsively readable film writer Peter Biskind Easy Rider , Raging Bull offers a new cultural history of Hollywood with the subtitle How Vampires, Zombies, Androids, and Superheroes Made America Great for Extremism , one is tempted to hope that he has indeed solved an equation for us and will give us an explanation for what has seemed inexplicable to many: the rise of Trump, the Brexit vote, neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville and Chemnitz.

    Darren's rash course of action serves only to complicate the issue, endangering Evra and Debbie in the process, and confronting him with an even more diabolical moral crossroads. Before Christmas Day dawns, Darren will have to choose who among his friends lives — and who dies to feed a monstrous, ancient entity run amuck with evil.

    The author observes his habitual care here to make the stakes real and the process of resolution anything but facile.

    A Vampire’s Dilemma

    In fact, just when the reader thinks he's caught Mr. Shan preparing to borrow from a founder of vampiric lore, the film maker Murnow, the author deftly turns things around to take even his jaded readers by surprise. But there's always a balance struck in Shan's books between soaking the proceedings in gore, and keeping events from spinning entirely out of control, and here too the bright red line is walked with a sure step: life, Shan seems to argue, is a dangerous proposition, but manageable for those who meet it with open eyes and keep their wits about them.

    That's as good a moral to his stories as any one could hope for. Rating: 4 out of 5.

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