Manual Approximation Theory XIII: San Antonio 2010: 13 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics)

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Giannelli, U. Grossmann, J. Graphical Models, , vol 76, iss. Giannelli: On the completeness of hierarchical tensor-product B-splines, J. Speleers: Strongly stable bases for adaptively refined multilevel spline spaces. Advances in Computational Mathematics, Springer, , Pilgerstorfer, B. Floater et al. DOI Aichholzer, B. Typos , Zbl Manni, O. Elsevier, , Comput. Jaklic, B. Krajnc, V. Vitrih, E. Zagar: Hermite interpolation by rational G k motions of low degree. Reliable Computing, Vol 17, pp 72 - 96, Kleiss, C. Pechstein, B.

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On some seminormed sequence spaces defined by a modulud function. Kragujevac J. Alvarez, T. The Baire property and the domain of iterates of a paracomplete linear relation J. Theory 66, No. Ambogo, D. Growth of norm of the multiplicity maps Int. Forum 5, No. Amini, Massoud; Asadi, Mohammad B. On nuclearity of the algebra of adjointable operators Bull.

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Grohs

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Number Theory Books, 1996

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics

Duff, V. Giraud and D. Ruiz Eds. Beghi, L. Finesso, and G. Picci Eds. Werner DOI: MS] July This report updates [TR2]. This report updates [TR1]. Revised version June 22, Collection of protocols from a lecture series given by mathematicians from industry during the summer term Summary in German. Translated to German from [OP12]. Janssen, J. Tischendorf, H. Brachtendorf, K. Bittner, W. Feng, R. Pulch, F. Deleu, and A. Wieers In B. Schrefler, E. Papadrakakis Eds. Brachtendorf, H. De Gersen, F. Deleu, L. Feng, T. Janssen, T.

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Lec 03 UCCS Math 311 Theory of Numbers Spring 2013

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