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The course was open to majors, non-majors, undergraduate and graduate students. I assisted director Deborah Damast dance educator and choreographer.

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The students developed their own choreography and enjoyed creating original work. Our weeklong classes culminated in an exciting family share day on Fridays where siblings, friends, and parents experienced the engaging process of our lessons. Courses taught: Jazz, Modern, Contemporary. Ballroom, and Music Theatre acting, singing, and dance for musical theatre. My duties as instructor extended from teaching K and College students, preparing outreach performances, choreographing for competitions, and staging full choreographies for the annual studio recital.

Belinda Bunt's Violin Studio

I taught a summer intensive Character Jazz course in June I worked as acting instructor preparing models, actors, and dancers represented by the studio. I taught American modern acting techniques, training them for play auditions, performances, commercials, and film castings.

Grown in the El Paso- Juarez area I started my dance lessons in this studio in I started teaching dance in as assistant choreographer and assistant instructor for the annual gala performances. As customer service representative at the UTEP Special Events Office, I welcomed guests, students, faculty and staff to the everyday office activities. I assisted with the development of promotional material, and made use of the office assets to the benefit and success of the various events sponsored by the office.

My duties included teaching techniques and diverse ballroom dance styles.

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Teacher schedules subject to change. Book lessons to reserve your spot.


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Community first. Cities are created and maintained by people for people, and urban development only makes sense when the community cares about it. We work to empower the communities to drive the projects that affect them, so social relevance is guaranteed.

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  6. Going glocal. Just as cities have residents and visitors, and planning is made at different scales, every urban project is born in a constant movement between the direct experience and specificity of the local context, and the global, shared flow of information and knowledge. Accepting —and managing— conflict.

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    Participation, like conversation, means letting all the points of view be raised and listened to. Public debate only makes sense if all the stakeholders are involved. Every project affecting the city has to deal with both opposition and support, consensus and contradiction. Assuming complexity.

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    Encompassing the complexity of the urban environment requires simplifying it. Instead, we prefer to admit its vast character and understand our work as a thin layer —with limited and, at times, unpredictable effects— carefully inserted into that complexity. Learning by doing. Our experience grows through practice. We know what we can do, and we challenge ourselves to do what we think we should be doing. We solve the unexpected issues as we move, and then we take our lesson from the process and the results.

    Planning… and being flexible. Urban development is what happens in the city while others try to plan it. We think ahead, make our dispositions, but we are always ready for reality to change our plans… mostly for the better.

    creatcoharlansguf.gq Rigidity kills opportunity, participation and urban life.