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One of our most original and challenging writers. He has the linguistic and philosophical scaffolding to create stories that are truly raucous wonders. They manage to keep the reader thinking and laughing and lamenting, sometimes all simultaneously.

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These stories only add to his stature. Dyer refers to the e. Dyer, Deepak, Tolle, and others like them usually end up on the Best Sellers list and their products sell out. By the way…I think this post is a great piggyback to the one written by Sonia where she spoke about being authentic. If you do, you could become sick. Or worse, you could explode! Wow, brilliant post Mark! It is so true that really good work, in copywriting or in other areas, almost always has its base in these basic human principles— empathy, identity, and hope.

A successful and meaningful movement has to start there. It is insanely simple but it always comes down to listening to each other. Mark, this article is incredible! I felt like you were speaking directly to me.

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I will be checking out all of your stuff, learning what you have to teach, and incorporating it into the flow of all of my work from here on out. Thank you! Inspiring post, Mark!

This should be the way how we create our crafts — start talking to your heart! Even the product or service should fade into the background as the customer and his desires take center stage. Very intriguing post, Mark, thank you for sharing. I have been having something of a hard time in trying to find the best way to write copy for my product.

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I like to take a very psychological, analytical approach in my writing, catering to the id and the ego. Great post Mark!

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They are looking to buy hope, and want to know if that is what you are selling. When their pain is acknowledged, their relationship with the copy begins to form. When you prove to them that you know more about their pain than they do, they begin to see you as an expert. And if you are an expert then you may be able to provide the hope that they are looking for. Hope is the motivator that keeps us moving from day to day and is a powerful tool to use in copy. What is the prospect hoping for when they buy your product? We should all be in the business of selling hope. When we are able to effectively achieve this, we will write million dollar copy.


Mark, Does it wear you out that you rock it everyday? Because the wise goodness you put forth is a constant gift, you vessel, you. Mark, I had to double check that I was reading a post on copyblogger..

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  • I read and write spirituality and thought I must have opened a blog on spirituality rather than writing. I love that you combine both. Excellent and thank you.

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    Life is difficult. Consequently, people are torn. They are insecure, lonely, scared. Thus, the human being wants to feel whole again.

    What is DESIRE PATH? What does DESIRE PATH mean? DESIRE PATH meaning, definition & explanation

    They are looking for an antidote to depression and worry and anxiety and things that make them feel that one is less than one. What you need.

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