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And, we have a great deal for our Home Hour Listeners! But things may be looking up! Prep Dish is a healthy subscription-based meal planning service. Your first 2 weeks, FREE!?! This is a no-brainer! Happy Cooking! One Year Anniversary! Plus, after many requests from listeners, we share our thoughts on our most talked about interview to date: Penelope Trunk! Sponsor Spotlight: We all know dinner time can be absolutely crazy. Backyard Chickens: What a Fuster Cluck! We talk about all things DIY and making… and a little bit of momming.

We believe if we can do it, then so can you! Here comes the bride! Fifteen years later…with a broken can opener! Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat about what happened to all that loot we acquired, what we regret asking for, what we still love and use today, and how everything looks after over a decade of wear and tear!

A Purrfect Alibi

We also fantasize over the exciting imaginary question: what would we ask for if we could register today? We know you see them everywhere— your local grocery store, coffee shop or gym. KIND Snacks are a favorite of Graham and Kirsten because they make delicious, healthy snacks using whole ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. We love them! Our kids love them! Graham and Kirsten have both joined the KIND Snack Club and we are loving having our pantries always stocked with these delicious snacks!

Sponsor Spotlight: Princeton Review! In our house, evenings can be crazy and homework can be a big source of stress for our family! Enter Homework Help from The Princeton Review on-demand tutoring that matches kids with a tutor in under a minute. This is a lifesaver for busy parents! AND… Princeton Review has an amazing deal going. Yes — the card game! They are our favorite! They make delicious, healthy snacks using whole ingredients you can recognize and pronounce! These high quality kits arrive every weeks with the materials kids need to make a beautiful craft or woodworking project completely on their own.

Both come with complete materials, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and the materials needed to create a finished project! Our kids were so proud of all their hard work! Graham got to try the Young Woodworkers kit and her little boys had a great experience. We hope that this episode inspires our listeners and reminds us all that healing can be found in all different places. Kits arrive every weeks with the materials kids need to make a beautiful craft or woodworking project completely on their own.

Do you have a Happy Sex Life? To learn more about Dr. They make delicious, healthy snacks using whole ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. Check out the episode featuring our question HERE! Kirsten and Graham are joined by author and aphrodisiac food expert, Amy Reiley to discuss how we can heat up our cooking and our love lives! This episode is full of practical ways to include libido-enhancing foods in your meal planning and a historical explanation of how certain foods came to be thought of as aphrodisiacs.

Toast under the broiler until just brown. Adult supervision recommended. Remove from broiler and toss the hard, golden chips in the melted butter and set aside to rest.

Arrange the brie and strawberries on a serving platter. In a double boiler or a metal mixing bowl fitted onto a small pot of simmering water, gently melt the chocolate chips with the cream over low heat, stirring steadily with a gentle motion. Note: You can melt chocolate in the microwave, but it burns very easily this way.

Only try this method if you feel sure of your technique. When chocolate reaches a smooth, creamy texture, remove from heat and fold in the hard garlic chips. Smother the cheese with the hot chocolate and allow the sweet topping to drench a few berries.

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  6. Serve immediately with a hunk of French bread and a total lack of inhibition. Thanks so much! The Home Hour: Episode What if we need it someday? What if we regret getting rid of it? It cost so much to purchase! What if? Do we care if people keep it? Do we have things we really want others to have? Do you ever look back at your week and wonder how it shaped up the way it did? Does your calendar schedule send you into a tailspin? Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we devote the entire month to improving our lives, our homes, and ourselves… one week at a time.

    Merry Chrismukkah! Merry Chrismukkuh! Christmas is days away. Hanukkah just ended.

    Halloween Projects and Monday Funday Link Party {37}

    Well, ish…. Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we revisit this time last year and remember what was predicted to be the hottest fads in food, fashions, and home decor. Was our was as trendy as we thought or did we miss the boat? We also dig into what are expected to be the emerging crazes for and decide whether we are on board or staging a boycott! HelloFresh makes it easy to create delicious meals at home without the stress of grocery shopping or meal planning. HelloFresh is the meal kit delivery service that makes cooking more fun so you can focus on the whole experience, not just the final plate.

    Each week Hello Fresh creates new delicious recipes with step-by-step instructions designed to take around 30 minutes for everyone from novices to seasoned home-cooks short on time. We loved our week with Hello Fresh and are so excited to offer our listeners a try! A few may get posted on social media but does anything ever get printed anymore? Or do they just stay in the bottomless pit of photos trapped on your phone? Instead of snapping that beautiful photo and letting it rot in your cell phone — you can bring that photo to life to put on your walls at home, in your office, or to give as a great gift.

    We have teamed up with CanvasPeople. This episode is full of fantastic tips from Hannah on how handcrafting cocktails can be a fun and creative addition to your entertaining. We also tried a delicious holiday drink created by Hannah herself! Add one package of fresh rosemary sprigs minus one piece for a garnish , and then allow to simmer for minutes taste it from time to time to check that the flavor has come through. Store the remainder is a glass container in the fridge it will be good for days.

    You might have seen them in your local grocery store, coffee shop or gym. Sponsor Spotlight: Canvas People:. Do others enjoy your company? How to be gracious, joyful, and show unsinkable strength in any circumstance. Would someone describe you as gracious? Join us today as we take adulting to a whole new level and learn how to get gracious! Kirsten and Graham are both busy moms! And of course, given the date, it all starts with Black Friday! From real versus fake, to coordinated versus hodgepodge, to what on earth to put on top; we take at in depth look at all things having to do with Christmas trees!

    We also spend some time talking about how much we love receiving all those Christmas cards but what on earth can we do with them after the holiday season? We also chat about our go-to Christmas movies, our standard Christmas meals, why inviting random guests to Christmas dinner is our favorite act of hospitality, and what time our kids actually wake us up to start opening presents! Holiday Cookies! Nothing says the holidays are here quite like the smells and sights of fresh-baked cookies! Happy Baking! Lay out the welcome mats! Real Life Remodel! She recommends Spoonflower as one of her favorite sites for this.

    Can you believe your family wants to eat dinner… again? Does this really have to happen every night? She is also a mom who knows that the fantasy of a perfect family meal around the table every night truly is just a fantasy. We also discuss strategies for picky eaters, how to handle desert-demanders, and why some kids really do love salad!

    Plus, we show you how making some slight alterations to recipes can lead to a meal that will be liked by all -without turning you into a short-order cook!

    So what's left:

    Spooky Scary! Trick or Treat! And move over Monster Mash! Links we mentioned on the show: The Switch Witch! The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft! Switch Witches need your candy to heat their homes and make their Witchy World go round! On Halloween night your Switch Witch will use her spell to Switchcraft your candy for a special surprise! And since they know your time is valuable, Opinion Outpost rewards you for taking surveys. You can earn cash, iTunes and Amazon gift cards, and more. Sign up today at opinionoutpost. Dating and marriage. Divorce and remarriage.

    Online matchmaking and keeping your marriage exciting. This episode is all about relationships! Since the publication of their first book in , The Rules for Dating, Sherrie and her co-author Ellen Fein have sold millions of copies of their books to women all over the world. Today Sherrie chats with Kirsten and Graham about some how to create and maintain a happily married life. We also talk about how to divorce with class and approach a new future with optimism. Also on the episode, how much botox is too much botox, why Graham would help her husband bury a body, and dating advice for Lady Gaga….

    Sponsor Spotlight: Modsy Design Thinking about a home makeover? Ready for a new look? Dying to redecorate a room but have no idea where to start? Design before you buy with Modsy—a home design solution that uses 3D visualization to help you redesign and redecorate different rooms in your house.

    The process is soooo easy and the results are amazing! From there, you can work with a Modsy designer or use the Modsy 3D Style Editor to change the layout, update decor, add new furniture from popular brands, or style the room with pieces you already own. Be sure to check our instgram for some amazing before and after shots of the renderings too! Is etiquette an outdated idea? Or is it an important skill in our current climate? Lizzie is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the co-host of the fantastic podcast Awesome Etiquette. Join Kirsten, Graham, and Lizzie as we tackle everything from how to thoughtfully handle the dietary restrictions of others to one simple etiquette trick that may help you land that dream job.

    As busy moms always on the go and always in need of quick treats that are healthy and taste awesome, we have come to really count on KIND Snacks! To pick up your free sample box, go to KindSnacks. While we readily acknowledge that we all share the earth and should be striving to keep it in the best shape possible, we also know that it can be easier said than done. One of our listeners recently wrote in asking about what we were doing to try to be green in our own homes and that really got us thinking. I am really enjoying The Home Hour and my favorite episodes are the ones where you both simply chat and share ideas with each other.

    Kirsten and Graham are both busy moms always on the go and always in need of quick treats that are healthy and taste awesome. Cas gives us all a great wake-up call about how and why our kids need more chores. And by little, we mean TINY!

    Halloween Projects and Monday Funday Link Party {37}

    We discuss how they organize, entertain friends at home, and live daily life as a married couple with two pet dogs… all in under square feet. Yeah- we thought so! Opinion Outpost connects companies with people like you through online surveys that give you the chance to tell companies how you think and feel about virtually everything—from new products and advertising to social issues and more. You can earn cash, iTunes and Amazon gift cards, and more! This is the episode where we bring all our strangest behaviors out in the open and ask if anyone else can relate!

    Also, on this episode, Graham shared some weird elements of her dishwashing behaviors and it led us to ask: Should you put crystal in the dishwasher? It turns out the answer is … yes and no. In the end, it depends on the type of crystal. This helpful guide on the Waterford website explains the issue really well! Also, if your crystal is dishwasher safe, then here is another guide about which detergents to use. On this episode, Graham and Kirsten chat with professional stylist, tastemaker, and busy mom of two, Steele Marcoux about simple and affordable ways to make a typical home feel photo shoot worthy.

    We also get a fun look behind the scenes at what goes into creating some of those beautiful shots we all see in magazines, how to spot which trends are worth emulating and which ones to skip, and how to balance a desire for a beautiful home with the realities of sticking to a budget and living with children. They are lightweight, paintable and easily attach to furniture, doors, walls and glass. For more information, follow us on Instagram thehomehour.

    For almost a decade Graham has been using the same special menu-planning system to get dinner on the table. She swears this system has helped her to not only save time thinking about what meals to cook and what groceries to buy, but has also helped her to avoid waste and save money.

    By using a special binder of her own design, Graham has been collecting recipes and assigning them to designated weeks. In a separate section of the binder, she lists every ingredient of each recipe needed for the week. These pre-printed sheets serve as a guide for checking her kitchen inventory and as the basis for her weekly shopping list. To learn more about the details of this system, how to stay flexible when plans change, and how she adds new recipes to the mix, be sure to listen to this episode on the player below or on your favorite podcast listening app.

    KIND Bars make delicious, healthy snacks using whole ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. Rachel Rosenthal is the founder of Rachel and Company, one of the most well regarded home organization firms in the country. She has been helping overwhelmed moms like us cut through the excess and figure out how to spend less time looking for our stuff and more time doing what really matters.

    Why physical books still outsell e-books - CNBC Reports

    On this episode we talk about what clothes we actually wear, which pieces are worth saving, and what items just need to go! We also discuss linen closet overhauls, the challenging task of giving up the baby-stuff, and how to get our kids organized for back to school! Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat about our a. Calder shares her tips and tricks for creating swoon-worthy events, but also readily admits that for the everyday, nothing beats pizza and beer at home with a great group of friends!

    However, Calder does share with us a few tips to elevate our everyday events such as linen napkins. She also says that a party at home is never the time to try a new recipe. She more or less played peek-a-boo with me while I tried to finish shopping. When I went to check out I put Evie up on the counter with my huge pile of bargains and the girl said, "Looks like you have your hands full today" which every mom knows is code for "Wow lady you can't control your kid" I burst into tears as we walked out of the store.

    We get the stuff in the car and walk back toward Pottery Barn but Evie sees the playground. We now have a stand off on the side walk for a solid 10 minutes. I finally had to pick her up and carry her into and around Pottery Barn. Huffing and puffing. Because 32 weeks pregnant carrying a 34 pound 2 year old who is crying She was more or less fine in the store and was eager to play on the playground when we were done. She did great for about 5 minutes until she got stuck up at the highest point.

    She is terrified of climbing down and even more so of slides. There is no way she could have learned this from me, but I am the same way! She kept asking me to come up and get her, but at that moment a nerve pinched in my butt, sending shooting pain down my leg. I nearly collapsed on the playground. I had to limp to a bench. And now Evie was having a panic attack at the top of the playground and I couldn't move. Of course everyone is just walking by looking at me like "you crazy ass lady. I was in so much pain and she was such a wreck I just carried her straight to the car.

    Of course she was disappointed. She had a meltdown. Like full on velociraptor screaming. Until we hit traffic. Facing the sun. Five minutes from home. When she fell asleep in the car. Well, damn. So much for a Fun-Day. Email This BlogThis! Here we are on day 4 of I already feeling like I'm digging for content, but then I remembered these photos I took last month and never put a post with them! My girlfriend Alyshia was expecting baby 3 in early February. Little baby Joshua was a little bit of a surprise, and Alyshia and Greg had already given away most of their baby gear.

    Her friend Rebecca and I decided to host a "Sprinkle" to get Alyshia and Greg a few new essentials for bringing home baby Joshua. Rebecca and I hosted the event at a local Mexican restaurant Their tag line is "Mexican with an attitude," perfect for Alyshia, amiright? We had a huge table and shared queso and guacamole as a group. Everyone ordered their own drinks and dinner. Rebecca organized a little activity where we all wrote notes of encouragement to Alyshia to read in labor. The "sprinkle" was super easy and fun. The perfect girl's night out meets baby shower.

    Don't you like all the pictures of the party I remembered to take? So my responsibilities for the baby shower were the favors and the dessert. I love tiny crafts! Alyshia had specially requested I make decorated cookies for her, so that was a no brainer. For the party favors I had envisioned something in mini mason jars, but dang, those are more expensive than I would have guessed.

    So off to Target I went. I had tons of blue Sixlets leftover from another shower, so I needed something to work with that I found these little square and circle containers. Little candy treat boxes. They were perfect and delicious. I used this same color scheme to decorate the cookies.

    I thought I'd had a baby onesie cookie cutter, but I think I only have it on Pinterest and not in real life. Thank goodness I had remembered the umbrella cookie cutter I happened to have in a months-of-the-year cookie cutter set. I used the sugar cookie and royal icing recipes from The Decorated Cookie. It is Oh-My-Gosh delicious. I piped the outside with a 2 tip and flooded with a 4 tip. I used a 5 to pipe the arm and handle of the umbrella.

    I also used some shimmer dust mixed into a few drops of golden grain to make the silver shiny. Note: Any high-proof colorless alcohol will do to affix shimmer or sanding sugars. I added some course sanding sugar to look like rain. I put each cookie in a cellophane bag and tied it with a silver twist tie. And that was it! And she used a bottle of wine called Josh as the center part of the diaper cake.

    What a great surprise :. We had so much fun hosting this party for Alyshia. My only wish I that I had remembered to take pictures AT the party! One of the goals of the 7x7 challenge was to dig out drafts or half-baked blogging ideas So, y'all, I had so much fun discussing cloth napkins and gardening with you after this post so I decided to do follow ups occasionally.

    It's often that "being green" and "being cheap" go hand in hand. Eric and I discovered most of these when we were gazelle intense in dumping debt. Turns out they're also environmentally friend, and great for recovering pack rats like myself.

    Marriage (Funday Morning eBook Series 2) Brad Diller

    Ditch the CDs buy an iPod and digital music. I was hooked. Same with a Kindle. Same with our Roku. Instead of hoarding books, movies, magazines, etc. Small start up fees for these gadgets grant you an unlimited world of digital media for less than the hard copy. No more transportation waste in obtaining, production waste in making it, and less for you to store and clean around your home. This could really be it's own post with all the fun details we've learned, but I did want to mention that an Amazon Prime account goes a long way: free two day shipping on all purchases, plus free instant streaming videos and tv shows think Hulu but sans commercials , and a monthly loaning library for Kindle books.

    The Library! Level: Beginner Cost: Totally free Sure you'll probably be on a list for the latest best seller, but otherwise free access to thousands of books! And did you know they have movies and TV series you can borrow too? And some have rentable ebooks! Some libraries even offer yoga classes, puppet shows, or other family fun activities for cheap or free.

    We taught ourselves how to garden and decorate cakes with the books we found at the library! With a short trip to the library you're cutting down on production waste by reusing and sharing resources. Level: Beginner Cost: Money Saving! Seems a contrary to what I just said, but sometimes you just need to unplug.

    Play some board games or go for a walk.