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Kennewick, WA. Toyota Center. Redding, CA. Redding Civic Auditorium. Reno, NV. Pioneer Center. Eugene, OR. Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Spokane, WA. First Interstate Center for the Arts.

Salt Lake City, UT. Eccles Theater. Loveland, CO. Budweiser Events Center. Casper, WY. Casper Events Center. Colorado Springs, CO. Bangor, ME. Cross Insurance Center.

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Columbus, OH. Palace Theatre. Purchase Tickets. VIP Photo Downloads. Waiver Form. Photos by CWaits. The remaining conversions and output shall include the pad characters as if they had been read from the input. If the swab conversion is specified, each pair of input data bytes shall be swapped.

If there is an odd number of bytes in the input block, the last byte in the input record shall not be swapped. Any remaining conversions block , unblock , lcase , and ucase shall be performed. These conversions shall operate on the input data independently of the input blocking; an input or output fixed-length record may span block boundaries. The data resulting from input or conversion or both shall be aggregated into output blocks of the specified size.

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All of the operands shall be processed before any input is read. The following operands shall be supported:. The ascii , ebcdic , and ibm values are mutually-exclusive. The expression, expr , can be:. Two or more positive decimal numbers with or without k or b separated by x , specifying the product of the indicated values. The differences between the two tables are highlighted by small boxes drawn around five entries. The nature of the output depends on the operands selected. On completion, dd shall write the number of input and output blocks to standard error. A partial input block is one for which read returned less than the input block size.

A partial output block is one that was written with fewer bytes than specified by the output block size. In addition, when there is at least one truncated block, the number of truncated blocks shall be written to standard error. If an input error is detected and the noerror conversion has not been specified, any partial output block shall be written to the output file, a diagnostic message shall be written, and the copy operation shall be discontinued.

If some other error is detected, a diagnostic message shall be written and the copy operation shall be discontinued.