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By Leo Benedictus. A bite from a funnel web spider delivers neurotoxins that can kill an adult in hours, or a child in minutes.

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Their fangs are so sharp and powerful that they can pierce fingernails. Yet they might turn out to be our friends in the fight against the small hive beetle, a dangerous new threat to bees. Venom glands are present in most spiders, but they are absent in the family Uloboridae. The glands are located either in the chelicerae or under the carapace. The venom ducts extend through the chelicerae and open near the tips of the fangs.

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Venom glands…. About 25 species in eight genera possess venoms capable of killing people. In the United States there have been few deaths in the past several decades, but it is estimated that hundreds per year may occur worldwide. Species of the genus Centruroides are primarily…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About.

Or maybe it happens in a distant future after The Snap is resolved and no one is the wiser. Or maybe, just maybe, Sony is wisely avoiding the complicated entanglements that creating a massive shared universe can cause. Of all of the Easter eggs fans were searching for, this one came up a big, fat goose egg. For now, Eddie Brock and his sassy symbiote sidekick, who has by movie's end learned about the power of love, can exist in their own little pocket of movie history. And that's okay. One thing is very clear in almost every scene of Venom : the people involved with making the movie, like director Ruben Fleischer, have clearly read the comic books.

Pesticide made from spider venom kills pests without harming bees

In fact, rarely has a comic book movie packed in so many specific references to comic book stories, covers, or even specific panels. Some of it is pretty obvious, like the fact that the Life Foundation was front and center in a number of plotlines involving the alien symbiotes.

But there's plenty beyond that. For instance, the idea that the Life Foundation's original goal before turning to space travel was to cure cancer comes from the origin of the Ultimate universe Venom. Then there are specific sequences. The scene where Riot rips Venom out of Eddie's host body? That's an almost exact re-creation of the cover of Venom: Carnage Unleashed 3. And there are even specific lines of dialogue borrowed from the comics, like the line "Eyes, lungs, pancreas.

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So many snacks… so little time," which originally appeared in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man So if you liked Venom , you should probably thank the original comic book creators. And speaking of that…. Beyond the obligatory — and always welcome — cameo from Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, Venom featured all sorts of references to the writers and artists who made the film possible to begin with by creating the characters and stories. Some of the references are more obvious than others. For instance, most comic book fans probably noticed when Anne mentioned that she worked for the law firm Michilenie and McFarlane.

But some are more obscure. Near Eddie's Chinatown apartment, for instance, a sign in the background in the final scene reads "Ron Lim's Herbals," which is a reference to artist Ron Lim, who penciled the Venom: Lethal Protector mini-series that much of the film is based on. And the apartment building Eddie lives in?

That would be The Schueller Building, named for Randy Schueller , a fan who sent his idea for a black Spider-Man costume to Marvel in the s, inadvertently providing the original inspiration for Venom in the first place. One of Venom's many funny moments is the sequence in the hospital when, separated from Eddie Brock, Venom is forced to use a tiny little doggie named Gemini as a host in order to survive. Sadly, we don't get to see Puppy Venom deliver any vicious puppy justice, as he quickly upgrades by claiming Eddie's ex-girlfriend Anne as his host instead. Talk about missed opportunities!

But the brief appearance of the symbiote dog was more than just a quick gag. It's actually a reference to the comics, where not one, but two dogs have been turned into symbiotic monsters.

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One was Ivan the sled dog, while the other was a german shepherd named Samson. Both symbiote dogs proved that when it comes to pet ownership, good breeding does indeed matter, so if you suspect your pet has bonded with an alien killer, please consider getting it spayed or neutered. At the beginning of the film, it's mentioned that there are five alien lifeforms being brought back to Earth.

One is Venom.

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One is Riot, who bonds with head jerkweed Carlton Drake. One is apparently Agony, the blue-ish symbiote who kills poor Dr.

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